Sunday, March 13, 2011

What, Me Worry?

Hello. My name is Anne. I am a worrier.

I know worrying is useless but I come by worrying quite naturally. I know it only adds to my To Do list and it's not only pointless, it is exhausting and can be damaging too. Worrying is a habit. It is within our control to stop, however difficult that may seem to be. Worriers are told to face their fears, to keep things in perspective, and to not take themselves so seriously. But as easy as it may be to understand the futile act of worrying, the habit can be hard to break. This afternoon, curious on the subject and looking for inspiration, I decided to google, "Famous Worriers".

I learned that "throughout the ages kings, nations, potentates and the powerful and rich have used the power of force of their armies to invade, conquer and control; to eliminate, destroy enemies or force their will upon them, be they individuals or nations; and to change the course of history by bestowing power upon others or eliminating those that don't agree with them. The greatest armies and their leaders have become infamous and immortal as a result of the great victories they achieved; their bravery, perseverance, determination, cunning, tactics, sacrifices and fortitude have written the stories of their battles and their names on the sand of time. History is kind and forgiving to the victor, but forgetful and blind to those defeated, for it is the victor who is seen as right and just and who will write history to suit their own cause" (

Uh huh. You see, when I googled "Famous Worriers", Google assumed I was searching for "Famous Warriors" and 1,490,000 recommended sites came up ready to assist me. I decided not to put up a fight. Who was I to argue today? After all, the difference between a worrier and a warrior is a matter of just two vowels, right? So I took time to read the above information.

But I returned to the Google search page and told Google to go back and to give me what I'd asked for originally, information on famous worriers. It didn't listen to me completely but it brought me to a Non-Worriers Hall of Fame. The list includes the "What Me Worry" icon Alfred E. Newman, "Don't Worry Be Happy" Bobby McFerrin, Timon and Puumba, singers of "Hakuna Matata", and Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus is not often placed in the company of these other figures, however Jesus taught his disciples not to worry about food, drink, clothing--the basic necessities of life. Can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your span of life? If then you are not able to do so small a thing as that, why do you worry about the rest? (Luke 12:25-26) His disciples were worrying about having enough to get by. In contrast we worry about what to do with all the stuff we have. This is worth thinking about.

I am taking the advice that was put on my cyberspace doorstep today. I choose to bestow power on myself. I don't need to be victorious tonight, but I will continue to work on this worrying habit of mine. I'll say an extra prayer for strength and maybe hum a few bars of the songs made famous by Mr. McFerrin or The Lion King. I will choose to work harder on this worrying habit of mine. I choose to be a warrior.

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  1. Good post, Anne. Have you ever read "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" by Susan Jeffers? I've read most of it and have found it quite helpful. I've also learned a lot from the Dale Carnegie classic, "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living." Living with Dennis, a definite non-worrier, has also helped me a great deal. Where's Eric on the worry scale?