Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pool Shark

Yes, I know the real reason why I had so many boys over to my house when I was a teenage girl. I had something incredibly special that very few girls had, after all; I had a pool table. My husband says, "Nah, you were just pretty". I won't argue with him. He can think that. That's what I like about him.

But yes, having a beautiful pool table didn't hurt. The table, purchased by my Dad when he was just 15 years old, has long been a favorite. I've always enjoyed the stories of how my Dad and his friends would play pool and how when they needed the ball to travel just a wee bit further to fall into a pocket, they'd jump on the floor in the barn to get the table to tilt just slightly to sink the ball. When we lived in my first childhood home, the table was down in our basement which as I remember was a pretty cool place for teens to hang out. I recall there being painted stones on the walls and wooden benches and scores and scores of my siblings' friends hanging out. The scene was so fascinating to me, the baby sister, that I used to sneak into the coat closet in the living room where there was a small floor grate that allowed me to spy on their fun down cellar!

When we moved across town to a different house, there was much discussion of where the pool table should be positioned. It finally found its home in the family room but there's been much debate over the fact that one particular corner of the pool table is a challenge due to the laundry area. To this day stories of how the pool table should have altered the layout of the room are brought up and discussed.

I always loved to play pool and in addition to playing with Dad I used to love to show off my skill to my friends and boyfriends. Although it's been years since I've played regularly, I've learned in recent trips to visit my folks that I haven't lost my touch. It's been fun to watch my son improve his skills too under my Dad's direction. Dad, who has been a pool shark for years, teaches him the same way he taught me decades ago.

On recent visits, we've played several games. It's been a lot of fun shooting pool with Dad, my son, and my husband. But I have to admit that when I see my husband watching me play, I realize that I'm still that girl that often had the boys over for a game or two. For I am still trying to impress the guys with my pool playing skills. They seem to be dazzled too. Well, either that or they just think I'm pretty.

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