Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meet Me at the Movies

Last night I gave myself a challenge. I was determined to get our new Wii console connected to Netflix so we could once again watch movies instantly on our television. After reading directions online, I realized the task wasn’t all that difficult. With a few clicks of the remote and one code entered online, I was successful. Bring on the movies!

My husband and I love movies. We always have. We go to the cinema as often as we can and we enjoy renting movies to watch at home. The days of browsing the shelves of the local video store are over and now we go online to update our que. We love when the red and white envelopes arrive in our mailboxes with our requested films.

Ordinarily, our schedules are jam packed with activities, either those of our children or of our own. This weekend was different. After just a couple of Saturday morning commitments, our schedule for the rest of the weekend cleared. So today, after having gone to see a movie yesterday afternoon with our son and daughter, and after having watched one of our rented movies last evening, we both decided that the pouring rain outside this afternoon made conditions perfect for another flick. We browsed the extensive options available instantly through Netflix and we chose one. With a click of the button, we were watching...a really bad movie.

We tried to give it a chance but within 10 minutes we’d had enough. We were both rather grateful to see each other’s face, knowing we both felt the same way. Laughing, we reached for the remote and clicked it off. Back to the movie menu. We tried another. This one we were happy with. Not the best movie perhaps, but enjoyable.

There is nothing like a weekend that opens up allowing a movie marathon to begin. There is nothing quite like a couple of lazy rainy afternoons spent watching movies. Sharing an impromtu ride to catch a matinee at the cinema with the kids and sharing the couch with my movie loving husband at my side was the best way to spend this weekend. If only I could click rewind on the remote and do it all over again.

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