Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hanging with the Girls

I am such a girl. I love a good pair of sneakers but I feel prettier in heels. I love feeling fresh faced but I don’t like to go out in public without some make-up on. I enjoy wearing jeans and a tee shirt but some days I have to wear a skirt. I don’t feel completely dressed unless I am wearing my rings. And when I am down, a good hour visiting Darcy my hairdresser is enough to lift my spirits.

Today was a rough day. It was a day when I felt ridiculous for even trying to make a difference at work. I got through the day as best I could and did have a couple of nice moments but I was hanging by a thread. On my way home I tried to shake it off but then, in the half hour I was at home before leaving again to pick up my two daughters, I fell into a funk again.

By the time I picked up Emma I was teary. Observant and caring as always, she was quick to notice. She asked what was wrong and I told her. She was sweet and we had a nice albeit brief 10 minute conversation before we picked up Sydney from work. Sydney jumped in the car and began talking about her day with the group of toddlers she cares for at a local day care center. She seemed a little tired but happy. The three of us took off and headed to Darcy’s, a good 40 minutes away. We were all getting our hair done this afternoon. We’d been looking forward to this time together for awhile.

I could easily find people closer to home to do my hair however there is nothing like visiting Darcy several times a year. Working out of a studio which is at her home, going to see Darcy, my hairdresser since July of 1993, is always a treat. She not only does a great job making me feel stylish again, but my time with her is always full of conversation and laughter. If it’s not the number of animals she often is taking care of as a foster-parent for a nearby shelter, it’s her decorating style that is fun. She’s wonderfully down-to-earth, smart, and has a wonderful sense of humor. She is simply, very cool. My girls enjoy her too. It’s always nice when your children come to appreciate the same things, the same people you do. It doesn’t always happen of course, but it’s awfully special when it does.

As the girls and I said goodbye to Darcy and happily headed out to the car in our freshly styled hair, I felt renewed. What had been a rough day was smoothed over by a little pampering. Of course it wasn’t all about the new hair. It was the reward of hanging out with the girls. As my daughters and I drove to enjoy dinner at our favorite spot, I saw them checking out their new looks in the car mirrors and I thought, "We are ALL such girls". Thank God for that.

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