Saturday, March 26, 2011

Road Trip

I well remember my excitement as a teenager when my friends and I got our parents' permission one day to take the car and go on our first "road trip" ! We were not going all that far; we were making only a day trip to the coast and we'd be back in the evening. However, we were nonetheless going to make the most of it. Our day was filled with adventure and laughter. To this day I love looking back at photos taken that day--my favorite picture? An impromptu stop along the side of the road to pose with cows! It was a day of silly, spontaneous fun with my best girlfriends.

Fast forwarding 25 years, my husband and I got permission from our children yesterday to go on our own road trip. After being convinced that our 11 and 15 year old would be fine on their own for one night, we left after work yesterday to travel a few hours north to attend our college girl's newest theater performance.

I felt almost giddy jumping into our car as we left work. Alone on the highway we easily launched into a variety of conversations. It felt great to know we could talk without an interruption from our usual backseat companions. We went to dinner, and killed some time at a bookstore before the play. As we left the bookstore, my husband reached over and grabbed my hand. It was a small and a rather common gesture between us but for some reason, perhaps knowing we were "running away from home" for the night, I felt 15 years old again.

After the show and after a short visit with our daughter, we weren't sure whether we were going to try to head back home immediately or if we'd find a hotel room for the night and head home in the morning. We got on the road and drove for about an hour. Then we decided that yes, we'd go stay overnight. We felt a little strange leaving our children home alone for the night, but we were tired and the thought of driving another 90 minutes did not seem to be a wise idea.

After checking in with our kids at home, we settled in for the night and that's when it dawned on me. I already knew the road frees one from his/her daily responsibilities; it allows for real conversations, laughter, and adventure. But whether from your parents or from your children, it's a wonderful thing to get permission to go on a road trip with your best friend(s).

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