Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Rather Uneventful Day

It was planned to be a rather uneventful day. Just the way I wanted my first day of summer vacation to be. After sleeping in, although not as late as I had expected to, I answered a quick phone call from a colleague at school to clarify a grade issue then I pulled on my sneakers and went for a walk in our neighborhood. The sun was warm but not too warm. I returned home, and after cooling down a bit, I made myself breakfast, a real breakfast of two eggs over easy, orange juice, a scoop of cottage cheese, and a peanut butter topped English muffin. This I ate outside as I watched my puppy Ziva enjoying her morning pouncing on ants and daisies.

There would be many trips outside throughout the day. Ziva, taking advantage of the fact that she did not have to spend the day in her crate, made frequent trips to the door, barking so as to secure the fact that we'd be taking her outside often. There's no arguing with a puppy you wish to house-train after all.

I managed to clean the kitchen however and wanting to clear out my school bag, I spent some time scanning some old photographs I'd found in my classroom the day before. Posting the photos on Facebook brought about many comments from students I'd recently reconnected with and it also brought to my cyber door some other former students I'd lost touch with years ago. I found myself yelling their names outloud as I'd receive messages. "Bridget!! Andrea!! Caitlin!! Jamie!! Tiffany!! Megan!! Raelynn!! Jody!!" It's pretty amazing to find the years melting away with every little note from one of those special people from the past.

I took some time to sit in the sun, watching my puppy play close by, forever running over to me to make sure I would not leave her. I thought about bringing my book outside but then got awfully sleepy. Remembering I was now on vacation without a single thing planned for the day, I found my way back to my bedroom and I took a nap. Knowing I could indulge in an afternoon nap, falling asleep with a slight breeze coming in through my window, was heavenly.

Waking up a few hours later, my husband and I threw together some supper which we all enjoyed while watching a movie in the family room. Ziva managed to crawl up onto the couch and into my lap where she fell asleep and snored in my arms.

My uneventful day may have had no agenda, may have lacked any grand happening, but it was the day I'd needed, the day I had wanted, the day I dream of having all school year long. It was my first day of summer vacation, my first day of total freedom and relaxation, a day of peaceful appreciation for work that allows me this time in the sun, this time spent with loved ones, this time to breathe deeply. It appears it was, by no means, uneventful. For a day like today is quite consequential; it is as significant as the biggest of holidays; it is remarkable in its simplicity; it is everything I could have wanted it to be.

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