Saturday, June 25, 2011


Do I love her because she's wonderful? Or is she wonderful because I love her?

Tonight I watched my sweet sixteen year old daughter grace the stage as Cinderella for the fifth of six performances this month. At this local community theater production, my husband and I have been in attendance at each show, attending with various family members and friends for the past two weekends. We'll attend the final matinee tomorrow afternoon. I come by this quite naturally, for my own Mom attended 98% of my own theater performances over the years herself.

Loving the stage myself, it's a rare occasion when I am in the audience, but I have thoroughly enjoyed taking a seat this year. I've smiled at my daughter's excitement playing the leading role and have proudly listened to the reactions of those in the audience. "She has a lovely voice". "I heard she's only 16 years old!" "Oh, she's very pretty". "She's doing a marvelous job".

And she is, you know. She's doing a beautiful job. I know that I'm probably biased but it's an amazing feeling to watch your offspring excel at a passion she's so well suited to do so naturally. She works hard at her craft however also. She practices her lines, her singing, her dancing, and gives careful thought to delivering an authentic performance.

Of course, the sweetest part is watching all the little girls with wide eyes, taking in my daughter's performance. At tonight's show, a little girl in front of me saw the Prince kiss Cinderella and said dreamily, "That's true love!" This was followed by the little girl's plea to her mother, "Take a picture!"

We've raised our children to strive to do their best at all they do, and to be humble and thankful when an opportunity comes their way. I've been very proud to see my daughter take center stage and to see her talent as an actress, dancer, and singer recognized, but it has made me even more proud to hear her fellow cast mates and the crew say that she is a gracious and sweet young woman.

Do I love her because she's wonderful? Or is she wonderful because I love her?

Yes. And Yes.

Bravo Cinderemma. I'm very proud of you sweet girl.

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