Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oh Summer

It's almost here. SUMMER. One more day to go.

The feeling of relief has already begun to crash upon me. After completing my correcting and the entering in of grades onto the computer last Friday, I took time to clean my classroom and to load certain materials and books into boxes to be taken home. One more day of turning in grade verification sheets and purchase orders awaits me tomorrow yet I've already begun to fill my lungs with the beautiful summer air that arrived today.

I've never experienced a summer where I did not finish school in one way or another, either as a student or as a teacher, and although I have worked at other jobs in the summer months, I do not know anything beyond counting the number of weeks before another school year will begin.

There will be days of sleeping in and days of morning walks. Breakfasts of eggs, waffles, pancakes, and cinnamon rolls will be served now that there's more time to cook in the mornings and there will be a few trips to local restaurants that serve breakfast, my favorite meal to enjoy when eating out. There will be coolers packed for picnics at the beach and impromptu trips to the movies and to the mall. Wiffle ball games and basketball scrimmages will pop up as routinely as thunderstorms and we'll load the van for trips to my hometown. Time on the dock and time spent with friends and family will be savored.

There will be many kayak rides, hikes up mountains, board games, and movies watched while snuggling on the couch. I'll say, "Of course!" when the kids ask to have friends over for the night and "Who would you like to call to bring to the beach?" Evening trips for ice cream and barb-b-ques on the deck will be enjoyed and more likely than not, I'll tackle a home decorating project or two. Stacks of books will be devoured either in the hammock or in one of the adirondack chairs, and we'll play tourist in our local community, take in theater or music concerts, and take day trips to the coast.

It's time to breathe easy again. Oh summer! How I have missed you!

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