Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Old Port

In the index of my high school yearbook, where it lists each graduate's "favorite things", there's a mention of the Old Port listed under my name. It has long been a place I have loved. When Eric first took me there years ago, I told him it reminded me of Old Stockholm, the beautiful Scandinavian city I'd been lucky to travel to with my parents back in the 80's. I remember walking the streets of Stockholm with my Mom and saying to her, "Someday I want to bring my family here". Our family travel has been quite limited however, yet to have the treasure of the Old Port so close by is wonderful. The cobblestone streets, the quaint shops, the waterfront, the musicians playing on corners, and the assorted restaurants all make for a fun day trip. So knowing it was my daughter's day off from work today, my husband and I made an afternoon jaunt there with both of our daughters. With our eldest girl now in college, these family day trips are more rare, so I treasure them as they come.

The girls quickly found a shop where they filled their arms with summer dresses to try on in the dressing room. Both looked very sweet in their selected sundresses so I treated them each to one dress. They each came home with two however, after deciding to spend their own money on the second ones. Together we browsed a few more clothing boutiques. The weather was pleasant for a day of walking along the waterfront, although we could have used a light sweater as the breeze picked up.

We then visited one of Syd's favorite spots, an old bookstore near the art museum. Filled to the brim with books, the girls happily browsed the shelves, each finding a book they wanted. I found one too as did Eric, so we each came home with a new read.

We spent only a few hours at the Old Port, but it was long enough to give us a chance to hang out together as a family, although we did miss Paul who is away at summer camp for the week. Now if only I can make good on my teenage vow to take my family to Old Stockholm someday!!

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