Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Seasonal Switch

Today I performed the seasonal ritual of switching around winter and summer clothes. In the process I emptied two baskets of items that I'd procrastinated on hanging up. So, I got several pants and blouses properly placed on hangers. Several of the items in the baskets however went into my chest of non-seasonal apparel.

Opening up the chest of clothes is always an interesting experience for me, for I quickly forget what is in there, even though it has only been 7 months perhaps since I was last opening and switching out items. The chest is also a keeper of memories, for inside there are tee shirts from my own childhood--some from the elementary schools I went to, or from summer trips I went on with my parents, including seeing Andre the seal. There are also the bumper pads from my babies' crib, my first leather jacket from college, even a few of my high school prom dresses. There are a couple of precious pieces of clothing from my children's toddler years--such as the navy with yellow football jersey that immediately brings back Paul at age three, or the Victorian-styled coats and hats that my daughters wore. Today I even spotted Raggedy Ann, "Raggy", my beloved doll that my sister made me when I was just a toddler myself.

Many of these items should probably be boxed up and sent to Goodwill, but there is something that doesn't let me part with them. I rarely even look at the items too closely; I simply acknowledge that they are filling one-third of the chest and that's the way it is...maybe I'll rethink them being there next season.

But for now, the clothes have been changed out, and the lid of the chest is back on. There are two lamps, a tv/dvr, and picture frames back on the top and it would be an awful pain to get back inside there again. So, for now, the crib bumper pads can hang out with Raggy near Paul's toddler football shirt and other outgrown clothes. There's only so much a girl can do in one afternoon after all...

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