Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ready for Wonderland

He won't sing for you if you ask him to sing but take my word for it, he's got a strong singing voice. And good luck trying to get him out of those tee shirts and into a collared shirt. His hair always needs cutting but when you take him to get it cut, after he's begged you to make that appointment, he'll only get a trim because he doesn't want his ears to show.

Tonight I had the chance to sit in an audience of other parents his age as we watched the drama club perform an adaption of Lewis Carroll's famous Alice in Wonderland. My son, as the Red King, strutted on stage with a silk red suit coat, a few sizes too big, black pants, black sneakers, white shirt, and a padded red crown. His "longish" hair falling into his eyes, and his long jacket sleeves pushed up to his elbows, he recited his lines clearly and gave that king a little attitude. He made him cool. Later, playing an authority officer, then a ticket seller and popcorn vendor, the coolness factor increased. His older sister was quick to notice it too. And the best part of all was that we could tell he was having fun.

There's something fabulous about fifth grade, my son's last year of elementary school. After six years at my favorite school in the district, he'll move to his second school, the Middle School. He says he can't wait. He's looking forward to riding the bus directly to school. He's also excited to be old enough to have his own cell phone. And although in just two days he'll get glasses and in a couple of months from now, braces, he's had a pretty healthy attitude about all that too. He not only plays it cool, he is cool.

I've had the pleasure of hearing him sing. I've caught him in those "church only collared shirts". And hey, it's just hair. Yes, he's a fabulous fifth grader. He's a fabulous son. And yes, it'll continue to be a fabulous adventure with him as we both travel together through Wonderland.

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  1. Ahh he's going to have glasses when I come home?! :D