Monday, May 9, 2011

Magical Shortcuts

Do you remember Barbara Eden as Jeannie? Growing up I would watch Jeannie clasp her arms together and nod, bringing about magic just like that! These were the days when my biggest stressor was my messy bedroom. I'd run upstairs, clasp my arms together and nod, hoping against all hope that the toys would magically return to their shelves and that the bed would make itself.

Then there was Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha. Dressed more normally than Jeannie, she too could clean up a room with one quick move. For her, it was the twitch of her nose. I tried that too but I never did seem to be able to make it work. I even tried the trick of pulling my ears as Samantha's daughter Tabatha had done.

Nowadays my troubles are a bit more than a messy bedroom. There are piles of research papers needing scoring and lessons to be planned. There are multiple rooms in need of a pick up, and the yard has yet to be raked. I wish I could say I enjoy gardening so I could be motivated to add some color to my front yard, but unless a gardener appears with yet one more nod to make it happen, I'm afraid I will not get to that until at least the weekend.

There are bills to pay and finals to organize. There's training for work and staff meetings too. There are meals to prepare and doctor appointments to drive to. I think again of how wonderful it'd be to have a transporter like Captain Kirk used on Star Trek, oh the hours I could save, but no, another trip to the gas station will be what I need to make it to each appointment and back.

If I had those magical powers I would be sure to share them. Any ice cream scoop falling from a child's cone would be saved! The construction in town would be complete! Those neighbors' dogs would have their master home and they'd have no reason to bark! School would let out for the summer months as everyone would complete their homework and their final exams without any more tutoring needed!

There simply aren't any shortcuts in life. I suppose I have always known this, but that doesn't stop me from trying to pull a Jeannie every once in awhile.

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