Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Down for the Count

It's been quite a while since I've had such a head cold. I've now remembered how much I detest them. It's bad enough to be fully congested but to then lose your voice and to suffer through a scratchy sore throat is miserable. I'm not a wimp either when it comes to such things. I usually "rally through" a cold but this one this week has me truly challenged. It has me just about down for the count.

I had the hardest time getting up this morning and thought of staying home and calling in sick, but I considered my classes today and thought it best that I be there to keep my seniors on track in their final days and to answer my juniors' questions over the new novel we're reading. But with just 20 minutes left in the school day, it became clear to me that I had not made a wise decision in pushing myself to come to school. "I hope you feel better" had become the mantra of the day with everyone's looks of pity cast my way. Yes, I should have stayed home. I'll know better tomorrow although I am still hoping this cold will dissipate before I have to call for a substitute.

Being under-the-weather is a bit ironic to me today as I see the first glimpses of sunshine and as I hear that tomorrow might be a full out sunny day, the first one we've had in a few weeks. I can't be sick under a fleece blanket on such a nice day? This isn't fair!

But it's on a day like this that I receive a very important reminder not to take my health for granted. The cloudiness in my head, my inability to communicate without coughing with pain, and knowing everyone knows you are not at your best just is not my way of doing business. I suppose it's natural that I am fighting this cold, fighting this illness by denying it's even there, but I am now giving myself permission to crawl into my bed to nap. I am giving in... for the night. I will take care of myself now and expect better health tomorrow. And if it takes another day or two to recover, I'll try to be patient but I'll also take time to remember how in comparison with those suffering from more serious illnesses, I am very lucky to have recovery be an option for me.

"Drink lots of fluids and get your rest". Okay. I'm paying attention now.


  1. Stay home tomorrow, get out in the sunshine (you need your vitamin D), rest, relax and read. I hope you're better soon.

  2. On reading your bio on the sidebar, we sound very similar in makeup - although our life choices have been very different. I'm sure I would love living your life.

    We are also similar in attempting to "push through," thinking we'll pick up speed as the day goes on, when anybody sane would give up and go to bed - and in our tendency to remember those who have it worse whenever we are forced to give up and give in.

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