Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

April showers bring May flowers. I tried to think of that on the dismal days of the past month and I awaited the days of warm weather and sunshine.

I always used to love May Day when I was a child. That was the day when I'd make little May baskets out of colored tissue paper, ribbons, and white doilies. I'd fill the baskets with candy and deliver them to my neighbors. I would receive May Day baskets in return and I was always in awe of the various creative designs my friends shaped their own baskets into. My favorite design was the honeycomb one. I forever wanted to learn how to make one of those! When my children were little, we sometimes took time to make May baskets to bring to our neighbors' houses. But no one else participated in the tradition. That saddened me. Ah well.

This May Day I made no attempt to make any baskets but I was hoping for a nice walk in the sunshine. The morning started out well, with time at Mass and a routine trip to the grocery store. But the afternoon brought a change. I was not feeling well. Being impatient with myself when I am under the weather like this, I grew frustrated. It's tough to have a day when you have plans for the day but you're not feeling 100%. But it's worse when it's May Day and the weather is beautiful outside.  Still, rather than fight it, I gave in and fell asleep for while.

Luckily, when I woke up, there was still time to enjoy the sun streaming in the windows. I spotted the beauty of the sunlight hitting the vase of pink flowers my husband bought me. I did not have the energy for that walk but I heard Eric open the grill out on the deck and I smiled. It seems I was not the only one thinking we could still make the most of this first day of May. As I bit into my first hot dog of the season, I remembered that I should count my blessings. Most days I have my health. That's more than some people can say. I'm sure to feel better tomorrow. I can get that walk in then. It's okay not to feel 100%, even on May Day.

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  1. I too carried on the tradition for years
    with the children.Such fun to fill May Baskets
    with posies for treasured neighbors and friends.
    Leave the basket, ring the bell and run........