Sunday, May 8, 2011

Meaningful Moments

At times I think there seems to be a lot of hype concerning Mother's Day. Big flower bouquets, shrubs and trees on sale, candy and jewelry too. Brunches and lunches out are heralded and celebratory dinners too. Don't get me wrong; I appreciate the sentiment of taking a day to honor mothers. I certainly believe it's important for the world to stop and share in the gratitude for the role we play. And yes, I like the special attention. But to this Mom, it doesn't take a pretty card or a big gesture to show me how much I'm loved. The little things mean just as much, if not more.

I started my Mother's Day as expected. I heard my alarm going off and hopped in the shower to get ready for church. In my towel afterward, I went to see if my children were awake. I planned to wake them up to tell them it was time to get ready. But as I stepped into the hall, I noticed my son was already out of his bed. I opened the bedroom door to the girls' room and saw my younger daughter already dressed too. So I headed back to my bedroom. There was a knock at my door. My older daughter stood with a card and a small present for me. "Happy Mother's Day Mom", she said. Albeit awkward to stand in the doorway in a towel opening a card, I did so and gave her a hug.

I finished getting ready. My son came by to tell me that he had a present for me too but that he couldn't find it. "That's okay" I said. He found it a few hours later, a self-made windsock made with poster paper and colored streamers. I smiled as I hung it in the dining room, realizing it just might not make it through a single day if I hung it outside.

After Mass, my husband asked if I wanted to go out to brunch. Surprisingly, I didn't. Although breakfast is the best meal to enjoy out in my opinion, I was not in the mood to be out in public with other families celebrating the day. Call me weird but I just wanted to be at home. So upon arriving home I went upstairs to change my clothes. I then reached for the phone and I called my Mom.

After wishing one another a Happy Mother's Day, we talked about the sunny weather and of our both wanting to take a drive up to camp. She said Dad was out raking and that she'd received flowers from my brothers. I told her of my college girl's arrival home for the summer and we talked about various things before again saying "Happy Mother's Day" and "I love you" to one another and hanging up.

As I headed downstairs, a little teary-eyed from missing my Mom, I spotted my daughter at the stove making pancakes. On the table was a card from my husband and a pretty rose plant. The rest of the afternoon would be a mix of school work and lazy movie viewing, but I repeatedly received hugs from all three of my children throughout the day and several "I love you"'s from my husband.

Although eating brunch is nice, and although I was tempted to spend the day out and about as seemed to be the expected trend with others celebrating the day, I am glad I followed my heart and asked to come home for Mother's Day. The little moments of my day have meant more to me. Being ready to join me at Sunday Mass, the hugs, the "I love you"'s, the bedroom knock at the door, the pancakes, and the poster paper windsock are the gestures that show me I'm loved.

Being the lucky Mom of three healthy, kind-hearted children, and being the youngest daughter of a beautiful, devoted, fun, warm, and selfless woman who showed me firsthand what it takes to be there for your kids... how to surround children with love that never dies...that to me, is what is cause for the most special and treasured celebration this Mother's Day.

To God's gifts on loan to me...Sydney, Emma, and my special Joy in Heaven...and to my own Mom... THANK YOU. I love you all so dearly.

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