Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Night Coma

Pulling my tired body out of bed this morning to head to work on yet another dark rainy day was tough, but I did it with the promise to myself that I would get home as early as possible and "make friends" with the couch for a well-deserved lazy afternoon and evening. A little guilt lingered but not much. It'd been a week of heavy duty correcting, final exams planning, emails to parents, morning/afternoon duty, and detention proctoring. I'd also taken time to do some extra tutoring and study skill work with a struggling student during my study halls. At home I had traveled to two doctor appointments, entertained company mid-week, and last night I had attended an Honors Society induction ceremony. It had been a good week--very productive--but a busy week. It'd been awhile since I'd been a true couch potato, watching tv for hours and I wanted nothing else today. The chores, the correcting, the exercising, even the hubby-requested movie date could wait until Saturday. So keeping my promise, I grabbed a fleece throw and settled in with the remote.

My family joined me for awhile as we watched some taped shows from the week. We started with a couple of silly comedies before moving on to some crime dramas. I got up long enough to put a couple of pizzas in the oven and then settled back in after dropping my daughter off at play rehearsal.

It was to be a Friday Night Coma at its best only if I could doze off on the couch, but I found myself heading upstairs before 9pm with my laptop and a novel. With the ceremonious release of the remote, I kissed my family goodnight. With the intent to write this blog post and to then "power down", soon I'd be cracking open my book to read until I fell asleep. I could not have planned a better end-of-the-week party for myself.

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  1. I'm tired, too, but I have to stay up to take a loaf of bread out of the oven, so Luke and Bridget can have something to eat during their lonnnggg days of baseball and softball tomorrow.

    Sleep tight.