Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Wonder of Women (and our Wardrobes)

For Monday, August 29, 2011

One of my favorite shows when I was little was Wonder Woman. Played by the beautiful Lynda Carter, I absolutely loved the television show. I even used to mimic how quickly Wonder Woman could change from her mousy drab work clothes into her dynamic red, white, and blue figure-hugging Super Hero suit! I used to entertain my friends and my big sister with my routine of removing my eye glasses, undoing my ponytail, and turning into Wonder Woman with one quick spinning act.

This morning at 10:00am it hit me. We’d nearly forgotten that Emma had a 10:40am dentist appointment at an office 40 minutes away. This was an appointment we’d already rescheduled twice. I was bound and determined she was getting there today. Never before have I so quickly seen a teenager dash upstairs to get out of her pajamas and into what was a most fashionable looking outfit! She emerged no more than three minutes later and the two of us jumped into the van and dashed to the dentist. We were just six minutes late. Emma relayed to me how her being a little late had been “No big deal” and then she proudly told me how the two women working on her teeth today had been quite interested in her stylish clothing and they’d talked about her outfit for most of her hour long appointment.

Although this is not something I care to repeat, I have to say that my daughter and I are pretty darn good at being able to throw ourselves together quickly when conditions warrant. Whether we’re off to serve justice or trying to make it to a dentist appointment, Emma and I can quickly twirl ourselves around a few times and don the perfect costume for the occasion. Men may not be able to understand the true value of this feat, but there is a certain level of pride we girls have in that we can manage to look Super Hero Fabulous when we don’t have time to waste.

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