Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pierre Loves You Too

I had not been awake for long when I knew today was going to be a better day. Despite the fact that this would be Sydney's last day here at home this summer, there was just a feeling that came over me. I did not stop to analyze what it was, exactly; I simply took a big deep breath, and let the serenity wash over me.

I overheard the girls giggling, already awake. Syd came in to whisper that she was taking Emma to volleyball practice. Within minutes, the puppy was jumping at the side of my bed, delighted that I was no longer sleeping. Upon her arrival home, Syd came in to give me a hug. We chatted. Then I got up, started clearing surfaces in the kitchen and dining room, a chore that was overdue since our return from vacation at camp, and continued listening to Sydney as she excitedly told me about her packing and who she had touched base with on this last morning at home before her return to college. When Emma came home we three girls fell into a natural silliness, similar to the one we had last year on the night before Sydney's departure for college. But unlike last year, we weren't teary-eyed. We knew we'd be okay.

The day went at a good pace. When three o'clock rolled around, Sydney and her Dad headed out the door for the trek to her college campus. With the van packed with her belongings, we'd say our goodbyes here at home. Again, there were no tears this year. We were all at peace. We'll miss her but we know she's happy and we're happy too. Life is good.

Tonight as we awaited Eric's return after his long day of driving and unloading Sydney's things, Paul, Emma, and I took a moment to send Sydney a reminder of what she has left behind. Oh sure, she's happy to be back on campus and she's excited about her new classes, and especially to reconnect with friends. But there are some things only a family can offer. So, posing with "Pierre", a moustache adorned watermelon, the subject of our morning silliness, we snapped a picture and sent it along to Sydney.

Sydney, je t'aime.

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