Saturday, August 20, 2011

Family Pictures

The morning was spent packing. By 11am, we had cleared the camp and were giving hugs and saying goodbye. Dad, despite suffering from a bad back, insisted on taking our annual family picture before we left. We insisted that he stay on the back deck and snap the shot from there. I adore these yearly snapshots however. It's fun to see our children growing from year to year and to be amazed by how tall our youngest seems, compared to the previous camp family photo. So with a few clicks, the picture was taken and we were on our way. We arrived home a bit after 4pm. After 15 days at the lake, at my family's camp, it was bittersweet to head back. We made our usual stop for lunch, at good ol' Mickey D's, and arrived home with several hours of daylight still remaining, allowing us a chance to water the plants and to take our time getting our van emptied out.

Entering, we immediately noticed tufts of black fur throughout the house. Our cat Boo, who had generously been taken care of by our neighbor Savannah, had obviously been making the most of having the house to himself for two weeks. I found myself vacuuming and Eric found himself tackling a clogged kitchen sink. Emma and Paul settled in and enjoyed having wifi again. Sydney was quickly out the door to spend the evening with her friend Chris. Eric then turned on the tv to catch up on a few shows. Ziva terrorized the cat for a short time then fell asleep under my bed, a secure place for a pup who had not been home for quite some time. As for me? I flopped down on my bed and after a little time catching up on emails, I spent time enjoying pictures taken on our vacation. The laundry, the necessary grocery shopping, and the unpacking could wait until tomorrow.

As anyone who knows me knows, I love taking pictures. I felt a little lost this vacation when my camera lens broke a several days before we headed home. Luckily, my daughters each had their cameras with them. Pictures help me remember those little details of the special times spent with my family. This year's pictures of our time at camp will help me recall those moments of fun and laughter for years to come.

My favorite pictures this year include shots of our puppy Ziva meeting Noah, the puppy who was vacationing next door. The two became fast friends. I also love the shots of my Dad being silly, making us all laugh with his funny faces and stories. I adore the "Gone Fishing" pictures of my son, husband and father. And finally, the picture I snapped of my parents playing a late night game of Scrabble together is precious also.

We had a nice time at camp. But it's good to be home. Long after our vacation tans have faded, these pictures will remain, reminding me of the importance of savoring the good times spent with family.

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