Monday, August 8, 2011

A Rainy Sunday at Camp

Crafted for Sunday, August 7, 2011

When my sister came to spend three weeks with my parents at camp last month, I heard of the perfect sunny weather she was enjoying. In fact, I believe there was only one day of rain and by the time that arrived, it was greatly welcomed. I knew that our two weeks of vacation weather at camp would most likely not be as perfect, but taking the first part of August to be at the lake never disappoints me.

We’ve had years when our weather at camp was near perfect also, yet we’ve also had weeks of cool rainy weather. Those are the weeks when, if you do see the sun, you’re in your bathing suit and out in the water so quickly, afraid you’ll miss what seems to be an event that occurs only once every 10 years as in that story by Vonnegut. But even those weeks aren’t terrible. I cannot think of a lovelier place to be than here when you can see storms coming from across lake. hear the trees’ branches blowing in the wind, and see the waves crashing on the beach. Different weather brings a different feeling to being at camp. I love sunny days but the cooler, rainy times bring their own experiences and their own love.

Our first two days of our camp vacation this year were bright and sunny. Today, the sun valiantly tried to burn through, but other than making a few momentary appearances, the clouds won out, giving us our first overcast afternoon at camp. At first, everyone took to their book, newspaper, or magazine. Later a few board games were played and before long, a few of us took a leisurely Sunday afternoon nap. As evening approached I made pizza and we all enjoyed the peanut butter cookies I’d been inspired to bake earlier in the day. Sure, I’m hoping for sun tomorrow, but if there was a better place to have spent a cloudy afternoon and evening, I am glad I didn’t hear of it today.

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