Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dear Irene

Dear Irene,

I'm impressed. You've got a lot of people talking this weekend. Some are scurrying to secure their boats on the lake; others are filling bathtubs with water and locating flashlights. There have been long lines at the grocery store and eyes have been glued to televisions watching weather updates. Others are cursing "the hype" and making fun of those who are preparing for the worst.

As for me? I know we'll have a lot of rain and some high winds, but if you could find it in you to allow us to enjoy this storm with power, I'd be most grateful. You see, I could use a good ol' stormy day but I'd prefer to have my oven working so I could bake. I go back to school on Tuesday and I could get the weeks' meals prepped and have an easier time of things as I head back to work. It'd also be nice to have my television so I could cuddle up with my kids or my husband and watch a movie as the rain pounds the deck outside.

I know what you're thinking Irene. You're worried that if you allow us to keep our power on, that I'll do chores or surf the internet. You're thinking that we'll all go to our own rooms and play online games or, heaven forbid, waste time on Facebook. I know this could happen, but Irene, I promise you, if you spare us, I'll make the most of our storm day. If the winds aren't dangerous, I'll even pull everyone outside into the rain and make them dance. And I'll even throw in a game or two of cribbage. Trust me Irene, I can do it. I can have a memorable storm day with my family, with the power on.

I'm prepared for you to ignore my request though. In fact, I've gotten a jump start on the possible power outage. We bought some batteries for those flashlights. We got some bottled water. I'm filling the bathtub. I've located the can opener. I'm even roasting a chicken tonight. Yes, it's 10:30pm and I'm roasting a chicken. Irene, I won't let you make me resort to eating peanut butter sandwiches tomorrow. If you take our power, I'm eating chicken! Or maybe I'll even grill a steak! That's right. I'll brave the wind and the rain and I'll grill a steak! I respect you but I'm not scared of you Irene.

But if you would, please consider sparing us. Let us keep our power. I promise not to ignore you.



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