Friday, August 26, 2011

Today Crazy is the Only Game in Town

I decided I wouldn't write a blog post tonight. I had come upstairs an hour ago to write but felt uninspired. I could think of several possible stories and even knew I could muddle through a few observations to get something typed up, but I didn't feel like settling.

I went to brush my teeth and turned off the lights. I gave myself permission to crawl into bed and to write a post or two tomorrow instead. After all, my goal of writing 365 posts in 365 days doesn't mean I have to write EVERY day, right? So I made the decision. I would just go to bed. I'd fall into my pillow and let my head rest. No writing tonight.

But then it happened. I opened up my laptop and I started typing. I began writing about not writing. This is NUTS! I'm writing about not writing? This is CRAZY! I said to myself. And then a line I'd heard on tv today came back to me. I had laughed when I'd heard it (my family and I had been watching tv together) and had repeated it several times throughout the day afterward, in later conversations or situations with my husband and know, just to be funny. "This may be crazy, but today crazy is the only game in town".

It got me thinking about a lot more than my writing. Big things. Little things. Love. Hate. Sadness. Happiness. Life. Death. It can all be quite dizzying at times.

What a wild ride we're on. What an absolutely WILD ride. But you know what? Sometimes you just have to let the crazy stuff happen.

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