Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Island of Denial

For Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August can be a tough month. Although 29 of its days are mine, with the start of school usually falling on August 30th, the days can feel bit tainted with urgency. It’s urgent that we make the most of the sunny days before we’re stuck inside a school building all day long, away from still-gorgeous weather. It’s urgent that we get in those last minute doctor appointments before they are required by the kids’ sports’ coaches. It’s urgent that we look at all that we we wanted to accomplish (in terms of house projects, or all that we wanted to do for fun) before our days become scheduled yet again with the school year’s activities.

I think that is why I prefer going to camp in August. When I take two weeks to live at the lake, those urgent matters are suppressed. Doctor appointments? Can’t do ‘em. We’re out of town. Making the most of sunny days? No problem! That’s easy. Without planning, without even trying, we wake up and we’re immediately where we want to be--to swim, to kayak, to float. There’s no wishing for a clear view of the sunset. It’s there. There’s no pushing of the family to leave the house to jump in the car to drive somewhere for water access. We’re already in our bathing suits and we’re already making the most of the sunny days.

And when it rains? We’re still enjoying time together. We’re playing board games and we’re baking cookies and eating dinners, side by side. We’re running outside to play with the puppy, laughing at her antics, and coming in to warm up by the Franklin stove. We’re taking time to read, to talk, to write, to nap.

August may be a tough month for those who aren’t by the lake, who aren’t secluded together as my family is right now, but until I return to the reality of a school year about to begin, I’m happily living at camp, by the water everyday, on this comforting island of denial.

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