Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Summer Romance

For Saturday, August 13, 2011

Love was in the air today. After seeing our next door neighbors on the road behind camp, our pup quickly ran over to say hello. Peggy, her daughter Richelle, and Richelle’s new seven month old pup, Noah, were quick to tell Ziva how adorable she is, and before we knew it, entranced by the handsome border collie and pointer mix, our girl was following them home.

We went over to retrieve her but our neighbors, being fellow dog lovers, were happy to have a sweet playmate for their own puppy and invited Ziva to stay for a playdate. After making sure they were not just being polite, I walked back to my camp with an empty leash in my hand.

From my spot on the dock, I watched and listened to our pup and Noah playing happily together around the woods and on the beach. Ziva ran home once to check in with us all, then seeing that she indeed had our permission, she returned to Noah for another hour of playtime. When she returned she had a good long nap inside, tuckered out from her afternoon of sociability.

Towards evening however, Noah barked from next door. That was the only invite Ziva needed to faithfully return to her friend, her new boyfriend, if you will.

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