Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reclining with Boo

The next-to-the-last-day of a school vacation is always an interesting one. Sometimes there is a push to do all those things I wanted to do but did not get to earlier in the week. Other times, there's a race to get out and see one last movie or go out for one more dinner. But with today's rain, it was a day to be lazy and to catch up with an old friend at the same time.

I was motivated enough when I first got up. I worked out and then made Belgian waffles for my son's breakfast. I made some deviled eggs too. But then I crawled into my favorite recliner to watch a little television and before I knew it, my friend arrived. Boo, my 11 year old kitty, jumped onto of my fleece blanket and nestled in for a cozy nap. It was enough to make me stay put. Little did I realize how long we'd be there in that chair together.

When my daughter called needing a ride home from her play rehearsal, my husband looked over to me and asked if I would please go get her. I knew that was the right thing to do, since he'd taken her earlier in the morning but I looked down at that comfy kitty of mine and knew I had to ask for a reprieve. "Oh look. He's so comfortable right here. I don't want to disturb him". My husband was not impressed but off he went to go pick up our daughter. He's a good guy.

When I tired of watching tv, I picked up a magazine. My furry friend shifted his position but did not leave my side. I rather enjoyed the excuse to stay put. My mind wandered to different chores I could be doing but it'd been years since I'd had a newborn in my lap excusing me from doing anything but rocking, so I took advantage of the situation and relaxed with Boo. It was not how I had planned to spend a good portion of my next-to-the-last-day of vacation, but it was wonderful.

It had been awhile since I'd been that relaxed as to stay seated for so long. It has been a challenging past five months and Boo and I hadn't had much time together. I had given a great deal of attention to Charlie in her final weeks and the stress of other family and professional obligations had been overwhelming. When I did sit down, it seemed I was jumping up to tend to something or someone quite frequently. This vacation was different. It was my time to catch up--on sleep, with family, and yes, with Boo.

Later in the day I would get out of that chair and I'd do a little schoolwork and some cooking. In my usual form I tried to get a jump start on what would need some attention the next day. Boo moved on too, visiting Emma in her bedroom and getting comfy in her bed. But in the evening my kitty came to find me again. With vacation ending and a busy spring approaching, we seemed to both know it'd be some time before we could spend hours cuddling together in the recliner, but in the meantime, we'd continue steal a few minutes here and there.

I'm glad it rained today. I'm happy Boo restrained me in the recliner. I cannot imagine there being a better way to have spent the day than catching up and reclining with Boo.

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