Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back at It

Today I practiced the tree pose. I also did some single leg extensions. I practiced deep breathing exercises, did some lunges, then moved on to some step aerobics. I was an expert at heading soccer balls, mastering step aerobics, and using the hula hoop. I adored my time as a boxer and even found my time as a penguin catching fish on an iceberg to be entertaining. Tomorrow I plan to do a run, do a few ski jumps, and some sun salutations. That's right, I've reintroduced myself to Wii Fit. Give me a few more days and I'll meet up with Jillian Michaels again from the Biggest Loser. That game kicked my butt last year. I've got to psych myself up to let Jillian train me again.

As my spring vacation ends I've gotten back in the habit of doing 30 minutes on the Wii each day. I'm trying to get out to do 30 minutes of walking the neighborhood too but there is something about the Wii that pushes me. I hate to think it's the silly little phrases of support I get from my computerized trainers but it could be. Or maybe it's the fact that I get a little "stamp" when I work out each day. I have always been a sucker for stickers on a calendar. Just ask my children!

When I get motivated to do something, there is little that stands in my way. I am tenacious when I have to fight for the underdog and on a lighter note, I have been known to paint a room in a single day in 90 degree weather. I also drove home nonstop from Philadelphia one time despite my husband's constant suggestions that we pull over for the night. Heck, just look at how many days in a row I have kept at this blog!! I can be pretty stubborn. But despite that fact, keeping myself motivated to work out has not been easy. I got on a roll last summer though but once the holidays hit, I floundered. I backtracked on my success. I got lazy. That is frustrating. But here I am, picking things up again. Don't you ever count me out. I won't be the underdog for long.

I admit however, I have no motivation or desire to ever become a runner so you won't see me signing up for any marathons as part of my fitness goals. I'd rather walk, hike, or kayak. I enjoy playing basketball with my son in the driveway. Someday I'd like to take a boxing class. I want to become more flexible and strong through yoga. But more than anything, I just want to feel fit again like I was starting to feel last summer. I have to remind myself that my health is worth fighting for. I am worth fighting for.

And it will be a fight. Each day brings new distractions that take me away from my fitness goals. There's so much for me to do at work and to keep my family going, and in my downtime, I'd much prefer to take a comfortable seat on the deck and read the afternoon away. But the holidays are long over and there are only 8 weeks until my summer vacation begins. I am determined to begin the summer feeling good so I can continue to hike new trails with my family and start walking each day with my new puppy. I then want to relax on the deck with a good book without any guilt.

Tomorrow I've made plans to go walking with my daughter when I get home from school. And I have set my alarm in hopes I can pull myself out of bed to go on the Wii before my work day begins. That'll be a challenge. Wish me luck if you'd like. Or maybe, just send me a sticker.

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