Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Best Friends

I woke up this morning thinking of how my daughter Sydney stayed up last night sacrificing sleep to do the Relay of Life American Cancer fundraiser at her college campus. I rested in bed and heard my daughter Emma singing in her bedroom playing on her keyboard. I was touched on my shoulder by my son who asked me if he could please go on my computer for awhile. I woke up thinking of how incredibly lucky I am to spend time with the amazing three people who became my children, of how God has graced me with three individuals who could not make me feel more proud.

Have you met my daughter Sydney? If you were to meet her you would quickly take in her beautiful blue eyes and her pretty smile. You'd notice she also has gorgeous long blonde hair and a dancer's body. After talking with her for just five minutes you'd note how intelligent and yet how refreshingly down-to-earth she is and you would find her attentive and naturally nurturing. If you took time to spend more time with her you would find her relaxing with you and that's when you'd hear her big laugh. You'd quickly see her mischievous playful side and the way in which she mixes fun with pure affection. If you had the opportunity to see her on stage you'd note her confidence as a dancer and actress; her stage presence would make you sit a little straighter in your seat and you'd be taken in by the natural way her voice commands your attention. Hearing her sing would move you and suddenly you'd look at this young woman of 19 and say, "What a beautiful young woman she is". You'd be both challenged by her talents and put at ease with her humility and graciousness. If you were ever in need, you would find a woman who would fight tooth and nail to help you in any way she could. Her feisty and passionate side would amaze you. If you took time to get to know my daughter, truly took time to see her the way I do, you'd want her as your best friend.

Have you met my daughter Emma? If you were to meet her you would say, "Oh what a pretty girl"! You'd quickly hear her infectious giggle and the words "adorable" and "sweet" would come to mind. Her speaking voice would entice you to want to sit and talk with her and when you did, you'd say, "Wow. She's so much more than a pretty face". You would realize what a smart young woman she is, observant and quick witted, and you would be captivated by the way in which she holds a self-confident yet humble heart. If you had the chance to spend an afternoon with her you would see her ease at making conversation, her acceptance and resiliency when things do not go her way, and her overall amiable personality. In talking further you'd discover her ability to appreciate people for who they are, her patience and ability to forgive, and her concern for others' well being. Her faith would strike you as uncommon for a teenage girl and when you had a chance to see her give a presentation or perform as a singer, actress, or dancer you would say, "This young woman is going to change the world for the better". Despite her young age, you'd want her by your side when things are bleak. If you took the time, truly took the time to befriend my daughter, you would never want to say goodbye to her.

Have you met my son Paul? If you were to meet him you would find an 11 year old boy who is most comfortable in jeans and a tee shirt, preferably one that reads "Paul Likes Tacos". This simple observation would show you that this seemingly quiet boy already has the ability to laugh at himself and his greatest enjoyment is in making others laugh. You would see a boy trying his best to "play it cool", a boy who loves his family and his friends, who enjoys games whether they are computerized or played in sports. In talking with him briefly you would see his sharp focus, his intelligence and creativity, and before long you would also take note of his own quick wit. Once you won him over, you would be treated to a boy who is appropriately serious or a clown depending upon the situation. You would find him imaginative, a boy with big ideas yet with the patience and the common sense that is needed in this world. It'd be easy to see his athleticism yet in taking additional time you would note his wide-open awareness of people around him; you'd be surprised by how attentive and thoughtful he is for his age, and of how affectionate and playful. If you took the time, truly took the time to see him as I do, you'd want him in your corner always.

It's a pretty cool thing when your children are the kinds of people you would have most wanted to have be your best friends when you were their age. It's even more special to realize that in addition to being most blessed to be their Mom, I have friendships with each, and in addition to having my husband as my best friend, these are the friendships I treasure the most.