Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On Hiatus

Since 1997 I have been involved with shows with LRCT, a local community theater group. Several productions have taken place in one of my favorite spots, an old historic theater named Deertrees. I will not do a show there this summer and the realization of that is bittersweet.

This year I will visit the theater to sit in the seats of the audience but I will not walk the stage. My decision to not audition for this summer's show was made over a year ago and yet I have revisited the idea several times since. I love to perform. I love to sing and to act and the group of people I meet through community theater bring me great joy. However, I ultimately made the call not to go out for this year's musical knowing that I needed to put my focus and my energy in other areas of my life. I am excited to have new adventures in front of me this season but it certainly is strange to realize that I have chosen not to be on stage this June.

This spring instead of learning lines, music, and choreography I will instead take time to attend my son's lacrosse games and to help my daughter redecorate her bedroom. I will do more to get outside and exercise. I will take more time to read for pleasure. I will finish the work of the school year with a little more room to breathe and I will have time to visit with my college girl who will be home for the summer. I envision talks over meals enjoyed out on the deck at dusk and walks to the lake to see the first boats gracing the water.

I have a few more ideas that I'll keep to myself but I write of these plans with a contented smile on my face. It will be a refreshing break for me, one that I truly deserve after what has been a long trying school year.

Perhaps the most beautiful part of my decision not to perform with LRCT this June will be that I will have a chance to fully take in this year's actress in a starring role. As enchanting as my upcoming season offstage feels, nothing will be more magical than watching my daughter Emma grace the Deertrees Theater as "Cinderella" in June's musical by the same name. As I listen to her excitement as she reviews her lines, her music, and her dancing, I know I made the right decision. Loving the stage as much as I do, I hope to be back soon but for now, there is no role better for me than the role of being Cinderella's real Mom. Look for me this June. I'll be the one proudly smiling from ear to ear each night in the audience of Deertrees theater.

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