Friday, April 15, 2011

At the Top of the World

When I was little, like many little girls, one of my favorite outdoor spaces was at my swing set in my backyard. One of my earliest memories is of swinging high and singing "I'm on the top of the world looking down on creation and the only explanation I can find is the love that I've found ever since you've been around..Your love's put me at the top of the world". That was my song, a most appropriate one to sing when swinging!

It was such a beautiful spring day today and when I arrived home this afternoon I was itching to get outside. So before I could find something inside that needed to be done--laundry or dishes--I went to find my ipod and grabbed my hat. Heading down the driveway is always a good way to start a walk. The brook is so pretty to see and relaxing to listen to. Out to the cul de sac I took note of where the sun was at in the sky and headed down my road. At the bottom of my street I opted to go right which would push me up a big hill to reach the top of my development. There I pushed myself to do another road which I knew would give me the reward of seeing the lake from a distance.

Coming back down the hills I headed home but I reached my house sooner than I wanted. I wasn't ready to go back inside so I walked around the yard and seeing the sun streaming through the trees, I took a seat on the swing. I thought back to how we built the swing set a good decade and a half ago. It has seen years and years of use. The kids, their friends, and neighborhood children have climbed the tower and enjoyed the slide and the swings. They have invented games played at the swing set and have pushed dolls and one another to go higher and higher in the air. Sitting at the swing this afternoon I thought of how quickly the years have flown by. Not only the years with my children but the years since I used to swing and sing.

There was only one thing to do today. The walk past the babbling brook and to the top of the neighborhood where I could see the lake was a good way to enjoy this beautiful spring day but it wasn't until I kicked up my feet and found a song coming back to me that I was truly feeling at the top of the world.

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