Sunday, July 31, 2011

Amused by Rides

So today our family went to the park. Being quite a wimp when it comes to rides, I knew my ticket was more of a donation to those college kids working there. "Here's my $32. May it help you buy your books this fall". I get dizzy if I do something with too much spin and I generally don't like heights. Rollercoasters are not my cup of tea either. I do like log flumes although I always scream on the descent into the water and I will do the Psychodome (aka scrambler), but only to relive the memories of enjoying that old carnival ride from my teenage years when Smokey's Greatest Shows would come to town. Nowadays they leave the lights on inside the dome though; it was always more fun with the strobe lights and the Blue Oyster Cult music playing at top volume.

Still, I like the atmosphere of an amusement park every now and then. The one we visited today is nice, with water features, trees for shade, and an abundance of beautiful flowers. I did a few rides aside my husband and children, and then happily took pictures of their adventures on other attractions. We all enjoyed a big raft water slide together, although I think waiting in line and being splashed by others going down was just as fun.

The best part of going to amusement parks however is watching my family laughing (and sometimes screaming) on rides together. Their eyes light up and their smiles are wide. As my family crashed in the hotel, I downloaded pictures and relived the day. Tomorrow, we head to a water park. I'll be braver there, I think. But either way, the camera will stay in the car.

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