Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let Goodness Triumph

I've got a headache tonight. It could be from the weather change. It could be from the dust that got to me during the few hours I spent cleaning the cellar. Maybe I'm a little dehydrated. It could be that I am thinking of my dentist appointment tomorrow and the curriculum work I could not motivate myself to do today. Or it could be the fact that I now have TWO teenage drivers in the house. (Emma got her permit tonight). But no, actually, although any of the above could be the culprit, I think I am just emotionally tired after following the story of a shooting that took place last night. Another local woman, a young mother of four children has been killed in what appears to be another case of domestic abuse.

I did not know this young woman personally, but she lived in the district where I teach school. At least a few of her friends are former students of mine and they are grieving tonight. It pains me to hear that this young mother, a woman who is being spoken of highly and who volunteered for a regional transport program at least 30 hours each week, has lost her life. It saddens me that those four innocent children will grow up without a mother and knowing that their father killed her. It sickens me that there was a history of violence in this case; he allegedly shot a man in the chest several years ago and has faced charges of trafficking knives, eluding an officer and carrying a concealed weapon, yet he was free to harm her while their four children were there in the house. I just don't get this world at times.

It's hard to make sense of senseless crimes. But as I listen to the rain as it starts up again tonight, I think of renewal. I am trying to focus on the words and actions of two of my former students, two beautiful young women who, like me, are trying to make sense of this young mother's death. One sweetheart of a girl, a mother herself, is organizing the collection of clothing and other such needs for the grandparents and aunt who are now taking in the four orphaned children. Another, Danielle, went to bed with her bible last night. "Please everyone be thankful for all the blessings you have and thank God every minute for all he provides us with. Recognize it", she wrote. Her words touched me deeply. The quick turns to goodness, the actions of both of these beautiful young women give me hope.

I do not usually like to discuss something I have heard on the news when I do not know the full story. I don't know the victims or the man arrested. I do not know what happened; the "why" may never truly be known or understood, but I do know that those children are going to need a lot of love and they are going to need everyone's prayers. Let's pray that they will grow to be forgiving and resilient. Let's pray that they will be brave and will focus their attention on others in need so that they may understand the grace of God. Let's pray that their hearts will be full of goodness, so full that they outweigh the wrong done to them last evening.

If anyone would like to offer up additional assistance, please let me know. I have connections and can get your donation to the family in need. Let's show those children that when bad things happen, goodness WILL triumph in the end.

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