Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back on the Dock

Long before Jane Fonda and Kate Hepburn’s characters in the film On Golden Pond made the idea famous, I had long said hello (and later, goodbye) to the lake each summer. When I was little, as soon as we drove into our camp’s driveway, I’d run down to the beach in front before even taking a single step inside. Now that I’m an adult, I take time to politely visit with whichever family members might be inside the camp at the time, but I never fail to get outside as quickly as possible to walk to the dock, to dip my toes into the lake as I whisper, “I’m back”.

I found the dock empty soon after my arrival at camp late afternoon, so I walked down the deck steps onto the beach and made my way over to it. Sitting in the sun, watching the waves on this breezy day, my lungs filled themselves with the mountain air. Heaven on Earth this place is to me. So powerful a spot that even in late December, when I began this blog, I easily decided upon its name, “Views From the Dock”.

It’s where a loon appears right in front of me before it dives under water. It’s where the bright blue sky kisses the mountain in front of me. It’s where the sun glistens over the cove as it begins to set. The dock can be the center of activity where children run over me to dive into the lake one moment, or the respite I turn to when I need its quiet. It’s where I dream of being on the harshest of cold winter days or when I ask myself, “What do you want?”, when life itself seems harsh. I always want the dock. That’s all.

My toes touched the water of my favorite lake today. The beautiful mountain, in all her glory, had waited for me to return. Back on the dock, I took in the view.

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