Monday, December 26, 2011

The "PJ Day" After Christmas

The day after Christmas is always a great day in our house. Feeling absolutely no motivation to join others in a rush to hit sales at the mall or to beat others to those displays of wrapping paper and bows, all 50% off, we sleep in, enjoy a late breakfast, and pile onto the couch to watch a movie or two. This year was no exception. After packing up goodies for my parents who headed back home, Eric, the kids, and I had a true “PJ Day”. We were relaxed and happy, until we realized that someone had to go pull on pants to take Paul to his friend’s house for a sleepover and to the store to pick up another gallon of milk. (Luckily, we were able to convince newly licensed Sydney that she ought to practice her driving).

Even the puppy, who had just celebrated her first Christmas, joined in the ritual. Making herself comfortable on our laps, Ziva made only a few trips outside and hunkered down for the laziest of days. If not for the fact that the refrigerator is in the kitchen, we might not have left the family room all day long, and even then we begged and bartered with one another to get ourselves glasses of milk or a couple of cookies.

I did pick up some presents and insisted that Paul make his bed before leaving, and I think I heard Eric sneaking upstairs to take a shower. But it is safe to say that none of us burned off any real calories today. I even heard someone remark that “It’s the day after Christmas. I don’t have to eat healthy!”

So as I type away on my computer which is resting on Ziva’s shoulders (Guess whose lap she is draped on now!) and as I look back on the hours of this day, I know for sure that it has been a typical December 26th in our home. I’m sure everyone who went to redeem gift cards came home with some lovely items found at the mall, but I for one would never desire to be anywhere but here at home with my fellow couch potatoes on this day after Christmas. Tomorrow, however, we’ve already made plans. We’ll each take showers and get dressed. We girls will put on a little make-up and blow dry our hair. We’re even planning to leave the house.

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