Saturday, December 17, 2011

Music, Lasagna, and Funny Faces

For Thursday, December 15, 2011

After a rough few days at work I hurried home on Wednesday to make a lasagna dinner for my daughter Sydney who would be coming home from college for Christmas break. She was bringing her friend Ryan home with her for a couple of days. I wanted them both to enjoy a home cooked meal upon their arrival.

Sydney’s siblings were excited too. Emma, Paul, and I hung out in the kitchen listening to music together and getting the kitchen picked up. Soon we were belting out the lyrics to songs and laughing as we tend to do when we anticipate company. When Sydney and Ryan appeared, I was more than grateful they hadn’t caught us screeching lyrics. That might have given Ryan a startling introduction to our family.

The lasagna came out of the oven but we were nearing the time we had to leave to go to Paul’s middle school music concert. Paul, Emma and Eric ate quickly and left to head to the concert while Sydney, Ryan, and I said we’d meet up with them there. We finished our dinner then drove to the middle school. When we arrived the concert had just begun and so as not to interrupt or distract, we took seats near the side of the bleachers.

After a few numbers by the band, I looked up at the side of the bleachers and spotted a little four year old girl who had made herself comfortable, lying down on the floor of the bleachers with her coat underneath her. With the railing right there, she made a game of sticking her little face underneath one part of the railing. I smiled at her and made eyes at her, getting her to smile back at me. Then, when she slowly stuck out her tongue, I chuckled and did the same. She was delighted. Sydney, who was seated next to me, began playing the same game, much to the little girl’s enjoyment. Then Ryan joined in. The four of us sat chuckling and smiling and making faces back and forth as the band and the chorus groups played on.

At one point the music stopped and the little girl began giggling at Ryan. The giggling grew louder and faster and before we knew it, the girl’s mother, and several people seated near us, caught on to our game. Everyone began laughing. The little girl’s giggle was incredibly contagious. Luckily we all settled down prior to the next song. The little girl sat upright and watched her sister sing a few numbers. We sighed in relief that we had not caused trouble.

Music, lasagna, and the game of making faces with a four year old girl, my daughter, and Ryan made my night, my day, and possibly my entire week. For me at least, it was a nice way to spend the first evening with my college girl and her new friend.

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