Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hanging on

I think of you often in my day
and in my dreams it’s always you I see.
Despite a greater distance between us now
I hope I can guide you back to me.

I have much to learn
yet in your heart, in your mind I wish to stay.
But I will travel, follow wherever you wander.
Going anywhere, anytime, any day.

We did it all. We had fun.
And you were everything to me.
The most generous, the most loving one.
You taught me how to be.

I know you haven’t left by choice.
And sometimes I see you there
as you always were, as you were to me.
I hang on because I care.

I know I’ll drop a tear or two
but I will not be scared away.
I will find the road to walk.
I will find some words to say.

And I will sit with you and hold your hand
if the words won’t come to me.
I’ll sit and I’ll think on everything.
The past, the present, and years to be.

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