Monday, November 7, 2011

Odd Girl Out

For Saturday, November 5, 2011

I was admittedly a little concerned today knowing that not only would I spend the entire day with only my husband and our 11 year old son, but the three of us had plans to go shopping. Although I think we all would have appreciated a lazy day at home, believe it or not, my two boys felt the need to head into the city to do a little shopping. My husband wanted us to go looking for a much needed sofa to replace ours that is falling apart. My son needed new pants to get him through the cold winter months. He’d have been happy to live in basketball shorts all winter long if I would have let him, but since that is not an option, he knew he needed to get some new jeans. So off we went. I had a feeling that I was going to be “the odd girl out”, the one who would have to sacrifice going to any of my favorite stores. We would take the day’s shopping list and shop for the items as quickly as we could, as is the way of my two men. Realizing I was the only girl heading out shopping with two boys, I accepted this and hoped for the best.

My son was in the mood for Chinese food. My husband just wanted to go somewhere for lunch that would be quick as he was hungry. A Chinese buffet restaurant proved to be the solution. As we filled our plates, we began to plot out which stores to go to so that we could be as efficient as possible in our shopping. After dinner, having done a bit of homework, we began at the furniture store. We scoured the showroom, asked questions, compared choices and believe it or not, within one hour, we had purchased a new sofa. It occurred so quickly that I was almost unsure it had happened. Next, it was time to buy pants.

At the department store, I helped my son find the style jeans he wanted--not too blue, not too skinny a leg, nothing fancy. We picked out four pair for him to try on and grabbed a few shirts too as he headed to the dressing room. My husband sighed about the prices, remembering that discount store that was selling jeans for five bucks a pair, but knowing my son’s concerns for what he likes to wear, I shooed Eric away and waited for Paul to try on his jeans. Within twenty minutes we were headed to the register with new apparel. Our trip had been 100% successful and it was only 3:00pm! Oh sure, I had not purchased any new dress nor had I looked at any boots, but my two men were happy.

A celebration was in order. So off to the movies we went. Inside the cinema I sat between my two men, negotiating a pair of glasses for my son who had forgotten his at home, and holding onto the bag of popcorn. As I giggled with Paul over something silly, my husband leaned over and whispered, “I feel like a third wheel”. The comment made me laugh. It appears this only girl, the one who thought she was the “odd girl out” was in high demand today. That’s a pretty cool place to be.

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