Thursday, November 17, 2011

Haunted by Song

For Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This past year I came across an artist I’d never listened to before. The music grabbed at me forcefully like music often does. The sound and the lyrics of this band were haunting and I had to wonder why I was suddenly listening to these rather dark songs so obsessively. It became common for me to play a song over and over. I’d then move to the next song by the same artist only to sit hitting replay again with that song too. What was it about this music? It seemed each song was seductively speaking to a piece of me, a part of something I am, something I think on, something I want, or maybe something I fear.

Not knowing the artist, I did a quick google search. I suddenly began realizing that this was probably a band more popular with a younger group, and I suddenly thought to myself, “Am I too old for this music?” There was something about the music that made me question myself. To think that music could do that is strange, but for me it did. I suppose I’ve long been taken in by a passionate performance. I suppose I am an easy target in that regard.

I don’t often try to explain my attraction to music. A love for music simply is. But still I think...Is it the angst in the singer’s voice? Is it his use of whispers followed by passionate acclamations? Is it the use of certain images and themes? Is it the use of repetition in phrases of notes and lyrics? Is it the overall tone? Is it simply that the music is different and new to me in its sound? Does it remind me of something else I’ve forgotten?

Do any of these questions matter? Maybe. Maybe not. But I do find it rather odd that I can’t bring myself to name the artist or the music with which I’ve become obsessed. Am I actually afraid of being judged perhaps by someone who does not hear the music in quite the same way that I do? In case someone does attempt to do that...

Honest to God I will break your heart. Tear you to pieces and rip you apart.

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