Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Moving with Caution

Last night I went to bed in hopes of waking up with a strong back. Instead, I woke up repeatedly throughout the night wincing in pain. I had a rougher night than the one before and by the time my alarm went off, I knew I would once again have to call in to request a substitute.

Hearing my family leaving the house for the day I struggled to turn onto my side and placed a pillow between my legs, hoping for a little comfort, a little reprieve. I once again turned to prayer. I spoke of wanting my strength back so I could be there for my family and my teens at school. I ended my prayer with the words, “But as always let not my will but Your will be done”.

Throughout the day today I have moved slowly, cautiously, but I have moved. I have taken steps up and down the staircase. I have sat at the table to organize bills. I have rested on the couch and I have prepared myself supper. I sat the couch to correct some papers, and I have continued to gently stretch while continuing to take pain medication and while slathering on more Ben Gay or a Therma-Care heat wrap. And tonight I hit a marker of success when I felt strong enough to take the first shower I’ve taken in two days. Boy did it feel great.

I’m not back to normal, I can feel that. I still have tenderness on my left side. I still need to move cautiously. But I feel the strength returning. I have welcomed the reprieve from consistent intense pain today. Even if it returns overnight I know that my health will return with continued rest and attention. I will continue to ask God for help, but I will remember, as I did today, that He will help those who help themselves.

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