Saturday, November 12, 2011

11-11 and 11-11 on 11-11-11

For Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day. 11-11-11 Day. A day for remembrance of those honorable men and women who have served our country and apparently a day when wishes are to be made. Until I had children I never realized we were to make wishes on digital clocks. I’d long made wishes on the first star I’d spotted at night or on a birthday cake or a fallen eyelash, but never when I spotted the clock turn to the time of my birthday or at 11:11am and pm!

Not taking the date or the time too seriously, I was cleaning the kitchen at 11:11am today and it was 11:14am when my daughter and I realized we’d missed our first opportunity for wish making. Having finished in the kitchen I had gone upstairs to retrieve my laptop when I spotted Emma on my bed with hers. I sprawled out next to her.

“Whoops.. I missed 11:11”, she said. “Oh.. me too”, I replied. “Well, that's a bummer”, sighed Emma. “Yup. Never gonna get that back”, I said, and we both started giggling. Our day continued. It was a good lazy day. Having been so stressed with a hectic workload over the past few weeks, I thoroughly enjoyed watching tv with my husband and children during the afternoon until it was time to get ready for Emma’s play that evening. My husband drove Emma to the theater while I jumped in the shower to end my “PJ day”. Eric’s parents arrived and we headed off. We sat a few rows from the front of the stage and enjoyed Emma’s performance. Talking Eric into picking up Chinese food for our very late dinner, I took the kids home. Before long we were piling our plates full of chicken lo mein and teriyaki and watching a show on tv together.

On Facebook we were reminded by other wish-makers that we had another opportunity for a 11:11 wish come evening. I thought of that as Emma headed to bed around 10:20pm and again when I did some writing before bed, but again I missed the time on the clock. It simply was not meant to be. But I suppose, when you’re giggling on your bed with your daughter at 11:14 in the morning, spending the afternoon and evening relaxing with your family, or when you’re the last one to get to bed past 11:30 at night and when you know your children and husband are sleeping peacefully, safe and sound, you realize there is nothing more you could possibly wish for anyhow.

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