Monday, September 19, 2011

Tres Chic

For Friday, September 16, 2011

After a full work week I had mixed feelings about making the trek to Darcy’s 40 minutes away. I would have loved to have pulled up a seat out on the sunny deck to simply read or nap. But I knew that in an hour’s time I would not regret the trip. Besides, Emma was joining me today! The girl who never pierced her ears and who before today had never dyed her hair, was getting lowlights, shades of a darker color added in to her already beautifully hued hair. I would get highlights and go lighter and feel “brighter”. I knew I had to summon the energy. The trip would be worth it.

It was. It’s amazing how uplifting a trip to the hairdresser’s can be. Emma’s eyes widened with glee as she saw her darker head of hair. A change is fun, necessary even, once in a while. We drove home, stopping for supper along the way. We laughed over how we each stole glances of ourselves in car windows on our way to the restaurant and complimented one another on our “new looks”. Feeling freshly chic, we arrived home looking forward to our big entrance when we would awe the boys. Unfortunately a ringing phone and a rush to answer it would interfere with that grand plan, but alas, the boys did eventually give us the attention we felt we were warranted.

The next day, Emma would don a new dress and her new hair at the Homecoming Dance whereas I would pull on an old pair of jeans for my son’s soccer game. But the venue did not matter, we each held our heads a little higher, our smiles a little brighter. The confidence a trip to Darcy’s adds to our life may be silly, but it’s real.

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