Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Girl of My Dreams

For Saturday, September 10, 2011

Earlier in the day Emma arrived home after her volleyball game and my husband suggested to us both that we go shopping. Yes, believe it or not, that’s actually what happened; he prodded my daughter and I into going shopping!! You see, Eric realized that time would be short this week with school and knowing Emma wanted a new homecoming dress, he knew that the two of us girls should go looking for that dress over the weekend. (What a sweet Dad, huh?!) That meant, Emma and I had to decide whether to go tonight or tomorrow. It was decided we’d go tonight. So off we went to the mall, roughly 35 minutes away.

The shopping trip was most efficient! We were in and out of one store in less than fifteen minutes having not seen much of anything. The second store brought success in just a half hour’s time! With her dress purchased, we went to buy a few candles then decided we weren’t really in the mood for any more shopping. So being hungry, we headed to one of our favorite restaurants, Panera.

Enjoying our meal, we fell into an easy conversation. But truth be told, it’s rare that our conversations are anything but easy. We talked about events of the past week and we talked about the future. We talked about dreams and we talked about reality, and how to make dreams a reality. We talked about the importance of having back-up plans but the greater importance of allowing our paths in life to unfold in due time. I shared with her my belief that people rarely regret the things they do in life, but that they most always regret the things they do not do. She gave me her own perspective and her insightful words warmed my heart.

Next week she’ll don a new dress and have a delightful time at her school’s homecoming. She will be beautiful indeed. But tonight I sat across the table from that beautiful young lady whose intelligence, sensitivity, warmth, charm, wit, and self-assuredness needed nothing special to wear. Throughout the sixteen years of her life, Emma’s radiance has always served to remind me of the importance of making our dreams a reality. Eric, Sydney, Paul, and Emma. My dreams came true fourfold.

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