Sunday, October 16, 2011

Within Reach

For Wednesday, October 12, 2011

After five days away on a business trip, I was happy to pull into my driveway. I parked, got out to get my bags and heard, “Mom’s home!” My husband opened the door and out ran my puppy Ziva. I’d all but forgotten about the puppy when I was away. Seeing her wiggling with excitement to see me, I laughed. “How could I have forgotten you?” I asked her.

She escorted me into the house where I received a big hug from Eric. As I moved my suitcase into the next room I heard giggling and saw that Emma and Paul had hidden themselves behind the glass door. They broke out laughing as I walked by and Emma quickly grabbed the cowboy hat off my head. “Did you get me something?” Paul asked. “Yes, it’s in my bag. Just a second”, I replied.

It was late. Within minutes of receiving their little surprises upon my arrival home, the kids headed off to bed, each of them giving me a few “I’m glad you’re back” hugs. I headed upstairs to unpack and my husband followed me upstairs and listened to my stories of my trip as I put things away. “I’m so glad you’re home”, he must have said about five times before bed. I’d continue to hear this for the next several days.

It was nice to have an opportunity to be missed, but how good it is to be home with my loved ones again. How good it is to be within reach.

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