Sunday, February 6, 2011

Football Sundays

There is something incredibly comforting about football season. I'm not really a fan of the game; I don't really understand how it's played, but having the game on in the other room, knowing my husband is enjoying his Sunday afternoon relaxing on the couch, hooting and hollering in support of his team, always makes me smile, just as it used to when my Dad and my brothers watched the games within earshot of me years ago.

I've never been one of those women who call themselves "football widows". Perhaps it's because I am a homebody, but I have no desire to do anything other than hang out on a Sunday afternoon during football season. As my husband watches the game I bake or read or do schoolwork. I'm content. It helps also to know that if there was something I wanted to do on a Sunday afternoon during "the game", my husband probably wouldn't mind taping the game or giving it up altogether, since a request like that would be a rare occurrence.

On Super Bowl Sunday it's custom to invite my cousins over; we make several snacks and watch the game or at least the commercials together. Over veggies and dip or a bowl full of chili, we'll share a few hours and simply enjoy one another's company.

So what if I don't care too much for the game itself? Football Sundays have never been about the games for me. Hearing the sound of the game being watched and enjoyed by those who do care has always been enough for me.