Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tomorrow is Another Day

Yesterday we all got home from school early, thanks to a snowstorm. We built a fire and spent hours reading under blankets together. I baked cookies and all seemed right with the world. I even slept so soundly that for once I did not hear the plow guy clear our driveway in the middle of the night. I should have known what today would bring. Why is it that more times than not, the day after a terrific day becomes an especially grueling one? It's as though the universe needs to remind us that we're not in Heaven yet.

Today could have been worse, I realize that. But driving to work on messy winter roads always exhausts me, and then on the way to school I remembered that I had an afternoon dentist appointment which would require me to ask for permission to leave work early on the day of a department meeting. That's never a good idea. I'd then have to commute back home to pick up my son before traveling another 40 miles to the dentist's office for our appointments. At work I administered two sets of midterms exams. I corrected papers and projects, checked in with my department liason, and packed oodles of work to take home with me. I made it home with only a few minutes of turn-around time before having to head to the dentist. We were running a little late and an overly cautious driver was in front of me for a good 20 miles before I could pass him. And of course at the dentist's I was told I had to have x-rays taken (gag) and that I have a small cavity that must be filled. The hygienist gave me the news so apologetically. In fact, looking back, she was especially kind and sensitive towards me today. She must have read in my bloodshot eyes just what kind of day it'd been for me thus far.

By the time we arrived home I was exhausted. The extra taxiing had done me in. I knew I had hours of correcting work ahead of me still. I opened an email that put additional work on my plate. I also foolishly opened my Visa bill. Ah yes, that particular Christmas present had been a charge and it'd be due soon. That's when I remembered it is time to pay the month's tuition bill. At the discovery that we'd run out of milk I was about to cry. My daughter had agreed to make pancakes for our supper but without milk, we'd have to resort to leftovers for the second night in a row. Darn. Those pancakes had sounded good but the idea of jumping in the car to run to the store for milk was too much for me. Leftovers it would be.
Still, on days like these, there always seems to be something or someone that reminds you that tomorrow is another day. That someone for me tonight was my daughter. When she realized she couldn't make pancakes she then prepped a meal to go in the crock pot for tomorrow night's dinner. She followed the recipe, put in two pounds of boneless chicken thighs, and expertly cut up carrots, potatoes, onions, and celery. She cleaned up the kitchen too and even baked brownies.

Today might have been less than a stellar day for me, but tomorrow looks incredibly hopeful. After all, there will be a delicious brownie packed in my lunch at school and when I get home tomorrow, we'll have my daughter's chicken stew waiting for us. Maybe this isn't Heaven, but it has got to be close.

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  1. I was eyeballing Dennis's gin on top of the refrigerator (and I don't like the stuff). I'm hoping my tomorrow will be better too.

    Oh, and tell Emma that she's wonderful.