Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Pink Kitchen

Although it wasn't a traditional choice, a very long time ago, I made the decision to paint my kitchen pink. I'd had a pink kitchen in my first childhood home where I had lived for 8 years. I think choosing the pink was my way of hanging onto the memories of my beloved childhood home. So I bought pink dish cloths and found other pink items including a stained glass pendant lamp to go over our kitchen/dining room table.

Yet, to be honest, I sometimes wonder about the paint color choice. I am not convinced it's the best color for my home; admittedly, it's a little odd to have a pink kitchen with turquoise glass accents. But whether or not I eventually decide to repaint, my kitchen/dining room is colorful in more than one meaning of the word.

At the island my children and I have prepared cookies and Easter eggs. At the message center, they've left doodles on the chalkboard.

At the table we've played board games, celebrated birthday parties, shared family dinners, and hosted the traditional Christmas Eve buffet. In the middle of my kitchen my son and I have had karate fights, and my daughters and I have danced.

When I spend time in my pink kitchen, I recall my childhood, but more often, I smile remembering the great times I have had in there with my family over the past 19 years. In the future, whether the walls remain pink or not, memories in my kitchen will continue to be made and will forever be.

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  1. Since Dennis and I have been married, we've had lots of kitchens. In our last house, I was even able to convince Dennis to rip everything out and install new cabinets, countertops and sink (paid for with money I had earned from my writing/design work). Our current home has a nice kitchen, but it doesn't work especially well for us. Dreams of a remodel enter my head at least once a week. The funny thing is how quickly time passes in our less-than-perfect worlds (kitchens that are perhaps the wrong color, master bathrooms still without a toilet or sinks two years after the renovation), while we simply live our lives, making lovely memories along the way.