Sunday, January 30, 2011

Learning To Grow

It took me 40 years to begin filling out those annual forms to file my own taxes. Yes, I know. That's pretty bad. But you have to understand; I was not spoiled but rather well loved by a Mom who was a Volunteer Income Tax Assistant. I told myself she actually enjoyed doing my taxes for me each year. But two years ago I knew it was time for me to tackle that responsibility on my own. I was a little nervous but I did it.

And the Christmas before last, my parents unexpectedly could not come to our house for Christmas. So I knew it was up to me. I bought two pounds of ground pork and I called my sister. After getting the how to, I made the traditional Christmas morning creton by myself for the very first time. It wasn't half bad.

But I cannot master preparing my Mom's baked beans and I have failed at making Mom's onion dip. I've tried. I don't know what I am doing wrong with these two recipes! I also cannot successfully make her saucepan cookies. It's been a few years since I've even tried. I remember making them too soupy one time and cooking them too long and having them turn out dry and crumbly the next. Still, I vow to try again...someday. But in the meantime I'll continue making other cookies and buying Bush baked beans and the tub of onion dip they sell at the grocery store. Life goes on.

It is a strange thing at my age to be learning self-sufficiency in areas such as taxes and creton, but I suppose it's just proof that it's never too late to realize I still have a lot to learn. Someday I'll make the baked beans, onion dip and saucepan cookies. I've got time. I'll get there. It's never too late to learn to master certain recipes. And it's never too late to learn to grow up.


  1. LOL....the one thing that ONLY my Mom can make for me is mashed potatoes. Yep, that simple. I still think she sneaks something in there that makes them absolutely unbelievable! She says it is just love she adds, perhaps that IS the secret :o)

  2. After possibly 30+ years I enjoyed a
    a Saucepan Cookie at Staff
    Christmas party. Meagan
    has promised to give me the recipe.
    It brought back childhood memories.....

  3. Don't you love taking on a challenge and finding that you've succeeded? Even when you fail, it can be a positive experience, because you've probably figured out what NOT to do next time.