Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's Okay You Know

It’s okay you know, to not know what you are,
to keep the door ajar, but to travel near and far
to that destination you think you ought to see,
to that image of the person you think you ought to be.

It’s far more acceptable to feel that bit of shame,
than to wonder how you came, to fear that ounce of fame.
For the spotlight fades and you’re left there in the dark,
with the memories fading of the place you think you left your mark.

Take just one moment and drop down on your knees.
Wanting so to please, you must know you have the keys
to trust that person I know you are inside-
the girl who doesn’t lie, the one who wonders why.

Take the reins my dear, and direct the path you’ll take.
Ignore the pain and ache. Steel yourself and you won’t break.
You won’t crumble swiftly, nor will you be wronged.
If you'll vow to remain strong, you will carry on.

Take the chance before you and give it all you can.
Take the future by the hand, you don’t need to have a plan.
It’s okay you know, to trust the heart that cries.
You’ll be comforted and helped along. He is forever by your side.

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