Friday, December 31, 2010

Peace, Joy, Love...and Chocolate Fondue

I've celebrated New Year's Eve in varied ways over the years. Growing up I used to envy the adults who would stay up late. As a teen, I remember leaving a party before midnight to ensure that the right guy would be by my side when the ball dropped. On my honeymoon, my husband and I spent New Year's Eve celebrating and playing slots at a casino in the Bahamas. As new parents, we rang in the New Year with our children at 8:00pm, blowing horns and throwing streamers and confetti. Some years later we've hosted sleepover parties for our children and their friends, making chocolate fondue an annual tradition.

Our house is much quieter this evening; our firstborn went out to dinner with her boyfriend, treated him to a comedy show, and is celebrating at his Mom's house before returning here. Our other daughter and our Italian exchange student daughter have headed to a party with other foreign exchange teens and they too will be home after midnight. Our son, who had a noisy sleepover a few days ago, is making the best of his evening home alone with his two tired parents who nixed the idea of his having a friend over again tonight. He's asking for the fondue but we're hoping we can put that off until tomorrow when there are more hungry mouths around to consume it. As I hear him in the other room playing Wii with his dad, I'm wondering whether or not I'll get away with that postponement.

The truth of the matter is, like life surrounding it, New Year's Eve is what it is. It can be celebrated with a noisy party, with lots of friends, or it can consist of a snooze on the couch and a gentle kiss when one is shaken awake at midnight. The evolution of the evening's events can vary but the anticipation of what might unfold in the new year continues to excite. In any case, each New Year's Eve carries for me one hope; for all of my friends, family, neighbors, and those I've yet to meet, I pray that your next 365 days be filled with peace, joy, and love. And hopefully, also, some chocolate fondue. I'm caving. There will be fondue to enjoy before the ball drops. After all, a tradition is a tradition. Happy New Year !!

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  1. I love reading your entries! I am so with you on the various New Years through out the years. I've had almost every one you've listed! My favorites are the ones at home with the kids. Happy New Year!